• Biosensor for Cancer/Disease Detection


    One of our main research is based on biological applications. We are working on detection and early diagnosis of cancer. This is label-free and available for point-of-care applications.

  • On-chip BioSensor Design


    One of our research area is Lab-on-Chip Biosensor design for Point-of-Care applications. Single and small chip will be used for detecting cancer. Additionally integration with transmitter unit is carried out. Opportunity of having researchers from different disciplines, integration of biosensor with high frequency is successfull and many academic writings have been published.

  • Hi-tech Lab Equipments


    For design and simulation purposes we have multiple servers. This results in more work in less time. In addition to that, we have extensive measurement setups for different measurements. From kHz range to 10s of GHz.

  • Class1000 Clean Room


    For fabrication purposes, we Class 1000 clean room facility. Our clean room is equipped with Sputter, Reactive Ion Etcher, Mask Aligner, Ultrasonic Cleaner, microscope and other required tools. It is actively used by microelectronic and other groups.

Welcome to the Microsystems Lab at Sabanci University. The lab consists of very active research groups and boasts a wide and diverse portfolio of research activities including cutting edge work in the areas of Infrared Readout ICs, Radio Frequency ICs, Biosensors, MEMS sensors and actuators. There are about 18 members which include senior research staff, grduate students and undergraduate students. The creative work and research accomplishments of the lab has led to strong research partnerships with renowned entities such as IHP and Lockheed Martin.


RFIC Positions (PDF)
Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Positions (PDF)
Positions in MEMS/Sensors/Actuators (PDF)

Please Contact us to find out about further opportunties.
:: News ::
>> SU-ROIC group signs SANTEZ project agreement with ASELSAN on detector readout technologies with the name “Low Noise Digital Readout for IR Sensor Arrays with Very High Charge Handling Capability”.

>> SU-ROIC group signs SANTEZ project agreement with ASELSAN on detector readout technologies with the name “High Dynamic Range IR Readout Development with Automated Input Cell Selection”.

>> SU-ROIC group signs SANTEZ project agreement with ASELSAN on detector readout technologies with the name “Pixel Level Digital Time Delay Integration(TDI) IR Readout Development”.

>> SU-ROIC group members were given Techno-Entrepreneurship award by Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

>> SU-ROIC group members founded an university spin-off company “TUMSIS Integrated Electronic Systems”.

>> Atia Shafique joined the group as a Phd student.

>> Journal paper “Wide Range, Process and Temperature Compensated Voltage Controlled Current Source” was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Circuit and Systems I(TCAS-1).

>> SU-RFIC group signs research agreements with Lockheed Martin on radar technologies.

>> SU-RFIC group will give a poster presentation at SiRF 2013 on January 21th.

>> SU-RFIC group has given an oral and poster presentations at EuMW 2012 on October 28th.

>> SU-RFIC group is always looking for motivated MSc/PhD students to join research at the frontiers of RFIC.

>> Can Caliskan joined the lab as an MSc student.

>> RFIC Group member, Ilker Kalyoncu, received the IEEE-MTT-S Undergraduate/Pre-graduate scholarship.

>> Samet Zihir and Mehmet Kaynak co-authored research paper received the best student paper award at SiRF 2010.

:: Upcoming Events ::